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Providing high quality dialysis care as well as physical exams
  and treatment with advanced medical equipment
Providing high quality dialysis care as well as physical exams and treatment with advanced medical equipment
Kaikoukai Healthcare Group provides whole body physical examinations with Japan's excellent techniques, advanced medical services, and short-term hemodialysis treatment for foreign people residing in Japan or other countries. Offering physical exams and dialysis care with proven experience
We conduct physical exams with cutting edge medical devices such as PET-CT and MRI and our highly experienced doctors interpret radiological images, which will enable the early detection and accurate diagnosis. We also provide brain tumor surgery which requires the highest technique and minimally invasive stereotactic radiotherapy. For those who need dialysis treatment during the short-term stay (for business or pleasure) in Japan, we will provide world-class quality care of hemodialysis.
Physical exam packages
East Nagoya Imaging Diagnosis Center, Kaikoukai Healthcare Group, located in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, provides medical exams that you feel secured using the most advanced medical equipment.
PET-CT, CT, MRI, MRA, Ultrasonography, Mammography (for women), Blood test, Urine test, Stool test, etc.
Details about physical exam packages(English)

Medical coordinator
医療コーディネーター We set up International Medical Department consisting of dedicated professionals including Chinese staff members to facilitate medical tourism with security. The staff will assist patients as an interpreter or a medical coordinator during the stay so that patients can avoid confusion in an unfamiliar environment of medical institution in Japan.

To those who are interested in medical tourism
If you are interested in medical tourism but do not have a contact with an agent, feel free to contact us.
For agencies
We will send brochures including physical checkup procedure and follow-up system if you are interested in sending your“ medical tourists” to our facilities. Please contact us for further information.
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Medical Tourism
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